Clogs Free

Install the most effective gutter protection for your home.

Avoid Water Damage
In Your Home

Lead Gutters Guards exclude all types of debris like shingle grit, pine needles, seed pods, and so much more! You can easily install Lead Gutters Guards on your existing gutters with a promise of no holes, gaps, or openings. Lead Gutters Guards guarantees to give you peace of mind – thanks to zero damages due to clogged gutters!

What is Lead Gutters Guards?

Lead Gutters Guards’ Patented Gutter Shielding is the best option for your home! Our secret lies in the system we created that receives and manages water while it is shedding debris.


Lead Gutters Guards’ V-Style Micromesh Screen protects your gutters from debris. It is made from surgical grade stainless steel that will never oxidize or corrode. The V-Style lifts up debris so wind gets underneath and blows off.

V-style Surgically Grade SS Micromesh & Powder Coated Galvanized Frame

Powder-coated Galvanized frame that will never deteriorate or discolor.

Structural Hangers

(as required)

Build a better gutter system today! Internal hidden hangers will securely fasten your fascia board, which will then make your gutter stronger.

How Does Lead Gutters Guards Handle Water?

Lead Gutters Guards patented 1-piece micromesh galvanized steel system will effectively accept and manage water without collecting any debris.

Surface Tension

When water flows over your Lead Gutters Guards micromesh, surface tension pulls the liquid through it and into your gutter.

Built-in Pitch

Designed with an angle that lets it shed debris while accepting water, Lead Gutters Guards is built to fit your gutter needs.

Damage Control

With a sealed and durable system, Lead Gutters Guards allows you to keep debris out of your gutter. It can withstand the weight of twigs, sticks, and pests.

Avoid Roof/Soffit Damage –
Get Your Gutters Cleaned and New Gutter Guards!

Guaranteed Debris Protection

Lead Gutters Guards award-winning and patented technology is scientifically designed to keep everything out of your gutters — except for water. Lead Gutters Guards screen is fine enough that it keeps out even the smallest of debris, including:



Pine Needles

Shingle Grit